The Distinction Between Jesus, the Spirit of the Universe, and Jesus Christ, the Invention of 666

It is all within the title and to find the distinction the Spirit took me by means of an enormous studying curve to seek out the roots of faith in Babylon. A report of man’s behaviour and beliefs are recorded in language the place each phrase we communicate pertains to the previous. That is the key place that God used to protect it in order that no man might alter or disguise it. The historical past of spiritual leaders is one among deception and canopy up they usually labored collectively to cover the actual God.

My reincarnation and hyperlink to the Spirit began me on the trail to unearth the reality that’s buried by the massive wall of confusion caused by religions and false gods. On the age proven to me between lives the Spirit commissioned me to tear down that wall and produce again the younger. That’s the people who find themselves additionally linked to the Spirit however are trapped behind the barrier.

The stumbling block is the trigger because it pertains to Jesus, the title of the Spirit, and Jesus Christ, the so-called Son of God who was put up by Constantine when he established the Catholic Church in 325 AD. He’s known as 666 in Revelation 13:12-18 and he saved ‘fixed’ the issues of the primary beast. His title in English means ‘fixed’ as does that of his father Constantius. He’s, due to this fact, Fixed II and when this title and quantity is utilized to the Assyrian alphabet it provides as much as 666.

“I’ll make a person extra treasured than fantastic gold;” mentioned God in Isaiah 13:12. That is the rationale why Jesus Christ was allowed regardless that it’s a lie. Individuals influenced by the faith of Constantine and all of its subsequent branches have fallen in love with the kid of Mary. ‘She’ is the Mom God of Babylon and her title ‘ma-r-y’ means ‘mom’s eye’. It was given the title as a result of it’s the solar star that’s derived from the dispersed mild of rainbow colors.

Stylised into a girl of nice magnificence males believed they may ‘marry’ Mary by rising with the solar after they died on the cross at daybreak. She turned so entrenched within the creativeness that it was not possible to override her. The emperor reinstated her within the faith because the Mom of God and her son Jesus Christ is adored by these caught within the deception.

Within the pre-writing age symbols turned letters and finally alphabets. It’s by means of these indicators that the info are actually revealed in regards to the title of God. [S] is an previous image for Spirit or mild whereas [I] is ‘eye’. ‘I-s’ is, due to this fact, ‘eye of sunshine’. It was frequent observe to double such syllables for efficiency so it turned ‘isis’ and ‘Isis’ is the ‘Spirit of God’ or ‘eye of God’ in Egyptian mythology and t was associated to the Mom God salmo 91.

Statues to the Eye God survive and Egyptians highlighted their eyes for that reason. The final Pharaoh was known as ‘Ai’ as he was named after the Eye God.

As writing developed and letters have been added to the alphabet ‘Isis’ turned ‘j-sis’ after which ‘Jesus’. It was Constantine who took the title and utilized it to the picture he created, Jesus Christ. The title ‘Christ’ come from ‘X-r-I-s-x’ which interprets as ‘cross of power-eye of sunshine’s cross. It instantly refers back to the cross which is seen within the heart of the sun-star and on any shiny floor that displays mild.

It’s in phrases like ‘crystal’ from ‘christ-el’ which implies ‘christ god’. Diamonds, gems, and treasured metals all replicate mild and type the cross. It’s this ‘magical’ property that’s enticing and the rationale folks pay excessive costs for them.

The actual God is the Nice Spirit of the Universe and that’s the place the ability within the title Jesus comes from. Jesus Christ is the substitute and other people can not distinguish between them for that cause. Now that the reason has been given this prophecy is fulfilled.

“And it shall be at that day, saith God, that thou shalt name me Issi, and shall name me no extra Ba-a-il.” Hosea 2:16. The latter was the title of the Christ in Babylon and it means ‘born of power-powerful god’. It’s how the picture of Jesus Christ was given energy to deceive the followers of Constantine’s faith

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